Greetings…From the Edge of the Ledge…

Today, as I stepped a pace or two away from the edge, here on the ledge, I sat myself gently down and a question came to me. It was a question of Love, one that can be asked and answered in infinite ways. Here is where the question led me…

“A question of Love” huh?…

…It is oft forgotten, that love is everything. Everything!… Albeit the way it can show up can invariably leave one very much in doubt about this fact, because at times it wears ugly faces and hideous garments that are cringe worthy masterpieces of pain and abject misery. Oh bold Love, how it casually shrugs into the overcoat of the mundane, wrapping a scarf of possession and nonchalance about itself, then marches about, laughingly knocking over the pillars of who we thought we were. And we say, “This? This is LOVE?!” …Well, perhaps and maybe… It would behoove us to remember, that it is our perception of what love shows up as, which determines our feelings toward it. At any time we can change that. Following this change in perception with its accompanying action, can literally save our lives and keep us in the calm assurance that yes, love IS everything… and it’s all Good…Even when we have to drag ourselves away, bloodied and battered, left barely living, yet still somehow breathing, alive enough to heal and love another day…it is still Good.

Inevitably the question is asked,

“But how does one go about this, “perception changing” of Love with any true confidence, when appearances scream to the contrary??”….

And I would say to the inquiry,

…Why, by remembering that we are NOT our circumstances, they do not determine the worth of our spirit, nor can they measure the depth of our strength! Just because we don’t always feel our enormity does not mean it is not there….Sometimes an extreme shaking up is what is needed to birth us into letting go and free falling into our magnificence, that undeniable massive cradle of the all and all….Terrifying at times yes, yet a thin line it is between terror and exhilaration. Those dizzying near misses and brushes with the “Veil Between Worlds” can cause major panic and catatonic states of frozen stagnation. Yet again, even these are not US, we are Vastness and Freedom, Eternity and Light. We can Never NotBe. So we let go, albeit kicking and screaming, thru the fire we go. We cross over to more of who we really are. We glimpse and grasp at the truth that lies behind appearances.

It is Love, just doing what it does…

It’s not personal, it just appears that way…Observe this, then move on to Believe in Something Greater as you Bless the process. Even now, as you are Where you are, Bless it. It is Not you, just what you go thru. Attend to that which you can control, which is how you choose to feel about the situation or circumstance. Embrace it while turning your face to the Light. When you do, your vision will inevitably clear and you will see the Love in it, that was always there, that is everlasting no matter the outcome. LoveisEverythingisLove…


Reflections of,

The Quill Queen, by way of VinoTown

A Question of Love


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