Greetings…From The Edge of the Ledge (I’m Wading Into the Fray! (Quasi Belated Blog Introduction and Disclaimer)

So, I posted my first blog yesterday and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I tried to convince myself it would be. I’d decided to post something I’d written a while back about my reluctance to write. What I didn’t explain was that I do love thinking of things that I want to put on paper (or on screen in this case?) the problem is I don’t particularly enjoy the actual act of pulling my thoughts out of my head, organizing them and then making them appear before me in hard copy. That is something I am yet in the process of overcoming, because clearly, if I never get these thoughts out they will just get lost in the dusty attic of my mind (I hope I don’t end up regretting not keeping them there!) So, I decided that if I was going to go forward with this whole blogging venture, then it would be best if I added a few disclaimers early on. I think this will help me later on down the line when I might need to refer someone back to them!

Disclaimer #1) I am well aware of a tendency to ramble erratically in my writing when I try to type and think at the same time. (I think better when I don’t have to tap keys…tapping echoes in my head and it’s annoying)…I tend to keep re-reading every few sentences after I write them and then I end up erasing them…gives me the ole “self inflicted censorship itch.” Just try to hang in there anyway, it can get quite interesting, I promise.

Disclaimer #2) I will Purposely spell things contrary to their “traditional” spelling…I may do this quite frequently, and if you are clever and can appreciate a sassy turn of word or phrase, then you will be in for a lovely experience…I will also do this because I am well aware of the traditional spelling of most words (98.9% of the time anyway), and how in fact to apply them accordingly…thus knowing, I feel vindicated in taking liberties as I please…I find this tendency not only amusing but refreshing…quite frankly, you just may as well.

Disclaimer #3) Although I will be giving my personal opinion on many topics, please keep in mind that it is just that, my opinion! I have no delusions that I am right or correct in my opinions, although more than likely I am (smile), at the very least my opinions will be genuine and based mostly on my idea of common sense. Feel free to beg to differ on any point or observation I may make, because when it’s all said and done, none of what ANY of us have to say will really matter 10, 20, or 30 years from now! (I also tend to be something of a “cusser” and I also capitalize words that are significant to me, so there’s that).

Disclaimer #4) In regards to my writing style, well, I don’t have one, I have several that just mesh together. My ramblings have no set description other than they’re interesting and or entertaining! I tend to take on various writing persona’s depending on my mood and frame of mind. I will often go from mildly amused to deeply annoyed in one blog and from graciously complementary to scathingly accusing in another. Not to worry, this is to be expected from one who is a bit more than marginally intelligent and rather scattered in her brilliance! (insert cheeky wink here!) Or perhaps it could be my lack of traditional writers “training” as it were, and my tendency to ignore the rules of writing in general. I’m here for the release and the fun of it, so please don’t be a prude and deny me this pleasure by pointing out my “style ” failings!

Basically, I intend to wax on in my own unique fashion about all manner of doings and happenings, (sometimes with a tinge of hysterical jubilation or perhaps even a somewhat furious indignation, so consider yourself warned!). I’ve wearied of having arguments and shocked discourses about current and not so current events with only myself! I have a need to “wade on in” like my title says and write it out, because if I don’t I just know I’ll end up being a drooly ole lady with bitter regrets about it (that’s assuming I make it to drooly ole lady status, hell, do I even want to???) anyway, that just scares me! Writing has been calling me and cajoling me and altogether ignoring and eluding me at the times I deign to pursue IT…But now, after all the ups, downs and ridiculous fuckery’s of life, I’m goin’ in! So, here we go!!!…Oops, I forgot my damn water wings!


~The Quill Queen


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